About The Branch

It is a proud moment for all of us to have our very own Branch i.e. the Branch of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, the second larges accounting body of the world, covering the Members of Raniganj, Ballabhpur,Haripur,Jamuria,Andal and Searsole at Raniganj. The 10th of February,2014 is a historic day
When the institute of Chartered Accountants of India issued a notification forming a Branch of Eastern India Regional Council at Raniganj. It will go down as a Red letter day in the history of Raniganj Town-never to be erased.
On the 19th of March ,2014, the first Managing Committee of the Branch was constituted by the EIRC of ICAI.
We have to work collectively as a team. All the members are the spokes of the wheel of our branch. We have to ensure that not a single spoke is broken. The wheel has to kept moving on. Co-operation of each and every member is important and is solicited. The Branch is by the Members,of the Memberes,for the Members and belongs to the Members-not to a particular person.In last,
“I am with you and for you always....”